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Restaurant Activations

A proprietary method that can be customized to your specific needs.


Activation Strategy

We plan and agree on a ten weeks activation module designed to achieve your specific business and marketing objectives.


Experience Design

We design a holistic experience that includes what happens before and after a guest visit, planning for physical and digital elements, and focusing on the economic impact of decisions made at each stage.


Content Production

As function of agreed objectives, we will define, plan, and execute the production of multimedia assets (photos, videos, audio) designed to create desire for the culinary experience you wish to promote.


Launch Campaign

We define your target audiences and proceed to engage them via social media ads as part of an Integrated Marketing Campaign that has one specific culinary experience at its centre.


Report and Realign

We create and deliver customized reports that measure results and provide the insights necessary to realign strategy with objectives, objectives with market realities, and ultimately achieve a better product-market fit.


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